Geomagnetic data and data products

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Screenshot of WDC data portal

Observatory Data Portal

Observatory minute and hourly means. Plot data and download data in various formats.

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Observatory Data Catalogue

Observatory minute and hourly means. FTP catalogue. Data available in fixed formats.

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Observatory Annual Means

Includes jump information for observatory data discontinuities.

Example model chart

Magnetic Field Models

World Magnetic Model (WMM), International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IRGF-13), Geomagnetic coordinate calculator and British Grid Magnetic Angle Calculator.

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Magnetic Survey

Land survey and repeat station results from around the world.

Example magnetogram

Historical Magnetograms

View analogue magnetogram from current and past UK magnetic observatories.

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Solar and Geomagnetic Data and Indices

Indices: Kp , ap , Cp and C9 .

Data: Bartels rotation, International Sunspot Number, F10.7 flux.

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Geomagnetic and Solar Activity Forecasts

Forecasts of local activity (UK observatories), Ap index and F10.7 flux.

Example indices plot


Local K -index values for UK observatories. Global Ap and aa index values.

Example chart showing monthly means from Eskdalemuir against the IGRF model

Observatory Monthly Means

A database of observatory monthly mean values.

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List of Magnetic Observatories

List of all magnetic observatories (maintained on behalf of IAGA Division V OBS).

Photo of yearbooks

Historical Yearbooks

View digitised copies of historical yearbooks from UK and past British colonial observatories.